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Winter Walk - Next Date to Be Announced

Winter Walk - Next Date to Be Announced

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What do you get?

Bragging rights that you are helping the people that spend all of their time fighting for native wild bees.

The personal satisfaction of knowing that you are now part of a growing community of 'Bee People'.

A personalised digital certificate will be sent to your inbox confirming your annual subscription.

You will be automatically added to our premium mailing list.

You will be the first to know about events and initiatives on the sanctuary.

You will be offered discounts on events held on the sanctuary/online events and official merchandise.

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saving bees is what we do...

Make our mission your mission too!

Join us!

Let's save bees together!

Please spread the word.

Tell people about us.

(No really - tell people about us!)

Tell them you're joining the fight to save native wild bees.

The more people that join us in our mission the better the chance we have.