• Beauty and the Bees!

    In 2022 we were delighted to welcome Clarins Ireland as a supporter of the vital work we do here on The Bee Sanctuary of Ireland. Clarins have pledged their support for a minimum of three years and we look forward to the outcomes that this exciting partnership will bring going forward. 

  • Trees for Bees

    Eoghan O'Sullivan, General Manager, Clarins Ireland and Maritta Coyne, PR/Communications Manager Clarins Group, planting the first tree in our ambitious Willow Woodland walk initiative on The Bee Sanctuary of Ireland. When complete the woodland walk - consisting of up to 15 mini 'resistance forests' throughout the sanctuary will provide safe resilient habitat for bees and a host of other creatures.

  • Jacques' Meadow

    A little bit of French flair in the hills of Wicklow.

    2022 saw the commencement of the creation of a new five acre wildflower meadow on the sanctuary. Made possible through our ongoing partnership with Clarins Ireland this organic meadow, to be named after the founder of the French luxury skincare brand, Jacques Courtin-Clarins, will provide beautiful and bountiful habitat for bees.

  • Living Reception

    Thanks to Clarins we were able to start creating what we call our 'Living Reception' area on the sanctuary.

    We love having people visit to learn about bees and what we do but the unpredictability of Irish summer weather can be an issue. But bees don't do indoors. Solution: we've created an indoors outdoors full of flowers, food, bees and nature. The perfect place to be with bees when the weather doesn't play ball.

  • Practical Support

    We always advocate for leaving grass long and spaces wild. Take a strip for yourself - just what you need - and leave the rest for nature.

    Thanks again to Clarins Ireland's support for and belief in what we do, in 2022 we were able to equip ourselves with this small mower allowing us downsize to smaller more efficient equipment enabling us to provide safe areas for visitors to park, walk and refresh with minimum impact on the wild we promote.